Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Autism Blog Motivation

Conor and Dad having a good laugh watching Pontoffel Pock on Youtube.

Shower hair? No big deal.

Stimming with a dandelion stem.

Conor, sensitive to noise, reacts to the loud sounds of a passing motorcycle.

All smiles at the mall, Conor is about to get a favorite treat - a gum ball.


Maya M said...

Beautiful photos!
My son also likes dandelions (at the stage when they are already white). When he sees one, he says "harche" (from "gluharche" - dandelion), picks it and hits its top until all seeds fly away. Then he tears the stem to several pieces. Sometimes he names the pieces after family members.

Unknown said...

Thank you Maya. The naming pieces after family members is interesting.