Friday, August 03, 2007

Autism and Eviction

One of the realities faced by some families with children with Autism Disorder is the restrictions their child's autism, can place on their choices of residence. In Pennsylvania the Spann family is in danger of being evicted from the condominium in which they live because of their autistic son's loud persistent screaming which has disturbed condominium neighbors. The Spann's have received a notice to have the problem "managed" in 30 days or their lease would be terminated. Anyone with a severely autistic child knows that the 30 day demand will not be met. The Spann's intend to fight the lease termination with a human rights complaint. I wish them success in their fight to stay in their home.

Shelly Spann's 9-year-old son Reggie has autism. He can't speak and when he wants to get his point across he usually screams.

The loud noises have a lot of neighbors in the Monarch Mills Condominium complex on North Hartley street in York complaining. They say the screams can be heard through the entire building at all hours of the night.

"Sometimes it's up to 2 hours at a time, it's quite intense," said neighbor John Weyant.


Anonymous said...

IMO, forcing a family out of their living place cause of a family member's disability, is a violation of the ADA.

Anonymous said...

I see the neighbors as the problem, not the child. My neighbors have actually complained about that very issue, and I told them to go to hell (not in those words). People cannot be discriminated against on the basis of diability.

Unknown said...


This is one of those rare instances where you and I appear to be on the same page.