Saturday, August 18, 2007

Autistic Boy Lost in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, Justin Menezes, an 11 year old non verbal autistic boy with limited understanding of danger, was still missing at 11 pm Friday evening, 12 hours after he wandered off. Justin had been in a park with a group being watched by Access Services of Bethlehem, which provides services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Justin's mother, Margot Menezes, said he doesn't know danger, doesn't know right from wrong. His father Christopher Menezes, said Justin's autism makes him especially vulnerable.

''He probably could run in front of a car without even thinking,'' said Menezes, 43. ''You have to watch him all the time.'' He said his son can't swim but is attracted to water.",0,7182571.story

Hopefully Justin will be found and returned to his family - safe and sound.

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