Thursday, August 16, 2007

Autism, Toxic Toys and Health Minister Tony "Be Fair to Me" Clement

The contempt of the Harper government, and its Health Minister Tony Clement, for Canadians with autism was made clear by its national autism strategy farce. The strategy would be a joke if the subject matter were not serious. The sum total of the Harper-Clement national autism strategy is a less than mediocre one page web site and a cancelled national stakeholders symposium.

Now, with his government facing criticism for its failure to protect Canadian children from the harmful effect of lead in toys, Minister Clement can do no more than blame the previous government, talk about a "review" of the issue that he has ordered, and plead for fairness - for him:

""To be fair to me, I ordered this review before the latest recall," Clement said. "It would have been nice if the Hazardous Products Act was reviewed by a former government – and they had acted on it five or 10 years ago. But this is the reality we find ourselves in.""

For the record the Harper government has been in office since January 2006. On autism Health Minister Clement has a one page web site to show. On protection of all Canadian Children he has ordered a review of lead in toys. A review. Wow.

Be fair to you Minister Clement? Be fair to YOU?

Try being fair to Canadian children and Canadians with autism.

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