Thursday, August 23, 2007

Laura Miller's Autism Reality - Single Mom, 3 Autistic Children

Autism is not just a topic for movies and internet essay writers. It is for many autistic persons and their families a daunting challenge. As the father of one boy with classic Autism Disorder and profound developmental delays the reality of autism is not something I can ignore. But the challenges I deal with are small beside those of Laura Miller a single mother of three children with "full blown" autism described in this portrait by Susan Reinhardt in the Asheville Citizen Times. Ms Reinhardt's article does a good job of presenting Laura Miller's autism realities and the spirit and strength of character she demonstrates in doing so.

Heavy with fatigue, Laura spends the majority of the next few hours with Sarah, 11, because she can’t be alone for more than a few minutes. In another room, Andrew, 15, is whining and Anthony, 14, can’t take it. So he bites his arms and punches his head.

Laura weaves from child to child to child, this spinning cycle of tending one, then the other, until all that’s left of this mother is a blur.

The article ponders the odds of 1 mother having 3 autistic children. I don't know the answer to that question but I met a mother with 3 three autistic children a few years ago at a law school class reunion brunch which I attended with Conor. It was held in a large ballroom and there were a number of children present with lots of room to roam. The waitress at our table appeared to be looking persistently towards where Conor and I were seated and I couldn't figure out why. Conor was exceptionally well behaved that morning and I wasn't deluded enough to think she was looking at me for any specific reason. Eventually she approached us and asked me whether Conor was autistic. I was surprised with the question since Conor had done nothing to draw attention to us. She told me that she had three autistic children herself and thought that Conor might also be autistic. I was truly amazed at this mother of three autistic children waiting on tables and have great respect for her and parents in her situation . I thank Susan Reinhardt at the Asheville Citizen-Times for this feature on Laura Miller and her autism realities.

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