Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tory Pledges $75 Million To Clear Ontario Autism Wait Lists

The National Post reports that Ontario Conservative Leader John Tory has pledged to clear Ontario's autism wait lists. He has pledged $75 million to clear the lists in 2 years stating that experts have told him it would take at least 2 years to clear the wait lists. The National Post article quotes Autism Canada President David Patchell-Evans as saying that he trusts Tory because he is a businessman. Personally, I suspect that all of the leaders will keep their autism pledges after the grief Liberal leader McGuinty suffered over his broken pledge and betrayal of autistic children and their families.

On an interesting note the National Post indicates that the Liberals lead 41% to the Tories 33% and the NDP 18%. I am not a political analyst but I understand that the Conservatives fumbled badly with the denominational schools issue and stalled any momentum that might have been building. If they have recovered and pick up steam it could suggest a minority government - with NDP holding the balance of power. In any event, with both the Conservatives and the NDP making strong autism pledges this election seems to hold promise for the future of autistic children in Ontario.

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