Friday, September 21, 2007

Autism Treatment Debate on NBC 29

NBC 29, WVIR-TV has a brief on line article on the autism treatment debate. It features some commentary on the effectiveness of ABA, Applied Behavior Analysis, and references kelation (chelation) as an alternative treatment which is NOT clinically approved. The article contain some comments about ABA as an effective autism treatment including observations fro Michael McKee of the Virginia Institute of Autism.

There is an excellent quote from Coy Barefoot. I do not share Mr. Barefoot's views on mercury as the cause of autism but the following quote resonates with me as an 'autism dad' more interested in effective ways to help my autistic son then in giving up and prattling about 'accepting' the 'joys of autism':

"If you told me today that standing on my head in the middle of the street would help my son, I will be there in seconds and I will stand on my head for as long as it takes"

- Coy Barefoot, of Dads against Mercury, father of an autistic son, author of
"A Dad's Guide to Autism."

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