Thursday, September 13, 2007

Autism Mom Nancy Morrison Gets Political

Nancy Morrison is the NDP candidate for York-Simcoe in the Ontario Election 2007. She is also the mother of two children, including eight year old son Sean who is autistic. Nancy is the "autism mom" who wrote to then Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty during the last Ontario provincial election campaign asking for help for her autistic son. Mr McGuinty promised to help. You know the rest of the story. Promise broken. Court fights to prevent families from obaining services for their autistic children. Court costs pursued against the families of autistic children that Mr McGuinty had promised to help.

Nancy is not taking the Promise Breaker's betrayal lying down. She is getting political in a big way, running as the NDP candidate for York-Simcoe in the Ontario Election. She has herself gone out on a limb and stated that she has full confidence in Howard Hampton and the NDP autism platform:

"I have been in discussion with him about what they will be doing, and I want the party to be able to release their stuff when they choose to release it," Morrison said.

Asked how other parents with autistic children can trust the party when they don't know what's planned, Morrison replied: "They will know what the party plans to do in the next two days ... I am very reassured. I have no worries at all about what the platform will be with the NDP."

Good luck on October 10th Nancy!

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