Saturday, September 29, 2007

FEAT-BC - Fund-raiser at CAPONES & Bill Good Show

FEAT-BC continues its relentless campaign to ensure that all Canadians with autism receive full Medicare coverage for the costs associated with the treatment of their often devastating medical condition.

Today, Saturday, September 29th, FEAT-BC welcomes a full house of parents and supporters to a fund-raiser at CAPONES, in Yaletown. The evening promises lots of fun, a silent auction featuring a truly incredible array of donated items [ie. a three day stay in a deluxe Whistler condo; a Vancouver Canucks' jersey, signed by the entire team; a case of Burrowing Owl merlot; etc.], and the opportunity to play an important part in the early stages of what is going to be a successful campaign! We're told that CBC-TV's "National" news team intends to cover the event, as part of their plan for a possible mini-documentary on "autism activism".

On Tuesday, October 2nd, for one half-hour beginning at 11:30am, FEAT-BC founding director Jean Lewis and moi will be guests on CKNW's Bill Good Show. We'll be discussing the launch of the "FEAT-BC goes coastal" campaign. If you are able, tune in AM980 and listen to the programme. Call in, if you're moved to do so.

North America is experiencing an autism epidemic of staggering proportions and, unlike the situation with our neighbours to the south, Canada's national government is doing absolutely nothing to address it. This is both morally reprehensible and economically stupid.

The upcoming federal election offers the best chance to put right this wrong. FEAT-BC intends to lead the campaign, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, in search of justice for some of Canada's most vulnerable citizens. You can help in many ways: donate some money [always the easiest thing to do]; volunteer some time to serve as a "FEAT soldier" in your community; e-mail, telephone or otherwise contact your family, neighbours, work associates and others in your circle of acquaintance, encouraging them to vote for a candidate who will support Medicare coverage for the treatment of autism; write letters to newspaper editors and MPs demanding urgent action; or any combination of this list.

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"A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves."
- Edward R. Murrow

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