Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Charges Against 6 Year Old Autistic Boy Dropped

Charges against a 6 year old autistic boy were dropped in a Kentucky Court today. That is the positive side of the story involving assault charges brought by a teacher's aide against the autistic boy who grabbed and hit her. The down side is that the charges were ever laid and proceeded to court at all. As the parent of a profoundly autistic 11 year old boy I know that it can be very challenging and can often involve risk of personal injury to anyone working with an autistic child. It takes special individuals and I am not sure that someone who files criminal charges against a 6 year old autistic child is up to the challenge.


Maya M said...

Agree! I cannot comprehend how the law can hold child of that age liable, even if he has no disability.
And I think that the employee who filed the charges must be dismissed from her job as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Shame on all of you. I think the majority of Bracken County residents must not live in glass houses because you are all very fast to throw stones. The future will bring out the truth in this matter and you will see that the blame is not where you thought it was. Residents of Bracken County you need to look deeper behind this. Are these really the people you want to educate your children and look after their best interest? Who in the county will end up with a special needs child? (the numbers are growing, do some research) Are these the people you want to serve and protect your laws? (as they break them to suit their purposes) Those in this incident did what they did to save face and try to prove how much “power” they had. There are too many special needs people who have fought this battle for years to let this go away. What has become of our freedom when we let the few rule? No one pushed this agenda to better things. There was a secret agenda. It is up to you as residents of Bracken County to dig and see what it was!! They just wanted the less fortunate to go away. Truth will prevail in the future and you will all see how wrong you were and that your trust has been placed in the wrong people. I hope the Darnell’s find peace in their future.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear this. What a awful thing this person did bringing this charges against a helpless child. My son is autistic and is a 10 year old but a 5 year old mind. He doesn't liked teased either and would have done the same thing.