Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Autism Proposals, So Far, In Ontario Election

Autism, not surprisingly, has become a hot issue in the Ontario election with both opposition parties slamming Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty's notorious about face on autism as reported in the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star. But so far there has been little indication of autism plans or proposals put forth by any of the parties. That could change in the next few days though, according to the report in the Toronto Star , which noted that NDP leader Howard Hampton, after slamming McGuinty, still wasn't ready to announce his party's autism plans:

Hampton had no problem putting his $7.50 in Gabison's bowl but he wasn't willing to say exactly what his party would do for autistic children if elected.

Parents will have to wait "a couple of days" to hear his plans, he said.


Nancy Morrison - who received the promise letter from McGuinty in the last election — is now the NDP candidate in York Simcoe.

Parents will like what they hear from Hampton on autism, she said.

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