Sunday, September 23, 2007

Autism Hell - The Most Painful Autism Decision

In Take My Son - A Family's Painful Autism Reality I commented on the story of Teresa Abernathy of Arizona who made the painful decision to give up her severely autistic son to the care of local authorities when they could no longer care for - or prevent his violent assaults on family members. The decision turned out well for the Abernathy family including the autistic son Colin who has prospered in care and has enjoyable visits with his family.

In Hell of autistic boy's mum Mercury, the Voice of Tasmania, presents the story of an Australian mother who had to abandon her 15 year old severely autistic son to Tasmanian state government officials. The mother attended a meeting with her son and the officials and then simply walked away from the meeting - leaving her son with the government officials. The mother claimed that the boy had been sexually assaulting her, his baby brother and his sister ( who herself has Aspergers ). The state in that area reportedly has not provided services to autistic people and their families leading to such drastic solutions. The mother does not believe she can take her son back but she would like to remain a part of her son's llife.

This mother made the most painful decision on behalf of her family - and her son. I hope it turns out as well as the Abernathy family's situation in Arizona.

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Anonymous said...

I know something like that hell, and I even had semi-decent institutions to turn to.

It still feels like the worst thing I've ever done in my life, and I can't imagine ever not feeling that. People just don't know until they're there, and we all end up there by ourselves, so alone.