Saturday, September 22, 2007

Autistic Boy Had No Way to Explain the Horrible Bruises

A 12 year old autistic Chicago area boy, one of three described in the Chicago Sun-Times as allegedly having been abused by Special Ed teacher Patrick E. McCarthy, had no way to explain the bruises on his shins. The boy was forced to bounce for 40 minutes on a trampoline even as he screamed and tried to get down. Eventually he fell smacking his shins on the metal edge of the trampoline. McCarthy is charged with other alleged assaults on autistic children in his class. If McCarthy did as alleged then I hope that he is convicted on the felony charges and serves some serious jail time.

Hopefully too, the neurodiversity ideologues can explain to us how this 12 year old autistic boy's inability to communicate is not a disability. When this boy, and the middle aged autistic woman in a New York residential home who could not communicate, are subjected to criminal abuse and can't tell the world it is absurd to deny that they are low functioning or that their autism disorders are not disabilities.


Anonymous said...

oh heart just sinks when i hear such stories. this is one of the reasons why i am homeschooling. you can have a wonderful teacher one year and the next a sadist.

keep writing...i am reading.

Maya M said...

This is so sad. Physical education is supposed to be pleasant for autistic children and to help them develop body sensation and motor skills. Instead, some people seem to be using it as a punishment.