Friday, September 28, 2007

$13.8 Billion Surplus But Nothing To Help Autistic Children and Adults

The Stephen Harper Conservative government has announced a $13.8 billion surplus. The Harper Conservatives celebrated the huge surplus at an announcement in Toronto. As pointed out in the Globe & Mail "Celebrating the huge surplus — which grew 50 per cent above forecast — was a change of tune for the Conservatives, who used to savage Liberal governments from the opposition benches for big windfalls. "

Despite the huge surpluses the Harper government does absolutely nothing to help autistic children and adults. Well not quite nothing. They have put up a mediocre autism web site. And of course there is the Autism Symposium exercise in "community building" with government picked community representatives scheduled for early November. You would think with all that money Harper's government could do more to address Canada's autism crisis than a web site with borrowed information and a government scripted autism symposium.

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