Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Conor's First Days At Middle School, So Far So Good

So far so good. Conor is fortunate to have some well trained people involved with his education this year. The aides split their time with him but most of his day is spent with 2 aides with experience and training from the UNB-CEL Autism Intervention Training program and a resource teacher equally well qualified.

The Nashwaaksis Middle School is very well organized which is in itself a good thing. There have been some hitches. Conor's work area has a noisy overhead light and that is being looked into. The changes in his daily schedule have caused him to be a bit agitated at night but, autism or not, many children (and their parents), require a period of adjustment the first week back at school. And he is still staying up a bit too late for school schedule. But overall things are working out well. Even as I am typing this comment Conor has come over to take another look at the inset image of Nashwaaksis Middle School - and smile.

So far, so good.


Blogger Charles LeBlanc said...

The main reason it's going so good is because they know you're a blogger!!!!


Anonymous said...

heh Harold,

Sounds like the school staff have some skills specific to supporting an educational program for a child with ASD and that they are sensitive to Conor's needs (those darn "ballasts" in flourescent lights that hum drive me nuts to). Skilled staff are essential. Good to know that the college program is working out.

Have you managed to get them to work with your home based team and consultant (consistency across home and school programs)? Has the school indicated a position with regard to having your home program consultant(s) and therapists work with school staff in the development of an IEP!


Unknown said...

We have always had good cooperation between our home and school therapists with respect to IEP development.

Conor's "ABA binder" has been brought back and forth between home and school for use in both locations.