Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Glutathione Autism Treatment Study Planned

Kosair Children's Hospital and the University of Louisville are planning a study of the use of glutathione, an amino acid that neutralizes harmful molecules. The study, as reported by WHAS11News and Reporter Joe Arnold will involve providing glutathione to 50 autistic children.

Dr. Stephen Wright, the Kosair Medical Director, says he has seen "remarkable" progress in two of three children to whom he has provided glutathione treatment after considering the experience of the Riggle family and reviewing research presented to him by the family. The Riggles saw dramatic improvement in their autistic son after some glutathione treatment. According to Mrs. Riggle the glutathione treatment helps boost a child's' own natural glutathione production and reduces oxidative stress rendering the child less combative.

Dr. Wright expresses some guarded optimism for the treatment (not cure) potential of glutathione based on the Riggle family experience with their autistic son, his own observation of their son after a few treatments and Dr. Wrights observation of the three children to whom he has provided the treatment:

“If we find out this is as good as Mrs. Riggle thinks it is, in what we've seen, then it will be a huge impact,”

The study itself will take some time to unfold as the research team is still writing the research protocol. Glutathione has been advocated as a naturopathic treatment for a variety of disorders including Alzheimersm, dementia, stroke etc. As with any autism treatment parents would be wise not to put too much hope until and unless any touted benefits are confirmed by proper medical and scientific research. The Kosair study may confirm or refute the Riggles belief that glutathione has helped treat their autistic son.

More on Glutathione From a Naturopathic/Alternative Medicine Site

Glutathione Molecule

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is the most abundant anti-oxidant in the body. It is a tripeptide, made up of cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It is the cystine part that donates the sulphur containing sulphydral group that is important in chelation. Glutathione is special in that it is fat soluble and water soluble, therefore it has anti-oxidant activity throughout the entire body.


Maya M said...

This post, when compared with your recent post about hyperbaric oxygen treatment, creates in me the depressing feeling of "science going in circles" (though it seems here to be alternative medicine, which I don't consider quite scientific).
Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant. Oxygen is a powerful oxidant. In fact, it is the prototype oxidant.
How can there be evidence, even anecdotic, that BOTH in elevated doses cause improvement in autistic patients? The logic is, if one causes improvement, the other must cause deterioration.
I sometimes think that wherever a thing is suggested to improve autism, a proper trial must be set immediately. And then the result, namely, that treatment X has no effect and is no different from placebo except by its side effects, must be published in some of the best peer-reviewed journals with big, thick letters.
The problem is that every week brings a new suggested treatment for autism.

Anonymous said...

I am the grandmother of an autistic child. I am consequently doing non-stop research on the internet to find answers and solutions to my grandson's health issues, instead of blindly following medical dogma that claims that "autism is incurable". The medical sheep would refer to my efforts under the category of "Blind Faith", however I have witnessed my grandson experiencing amazing responses to many of the so called "alternative medicine" therapies. This would be catagorized as "anecdotal observation" or "unscientific" by the medical establishment. However, I refer to this as the "Proof in Pudding Test". If it works, then we use it, if it doesn't work, we quit using it, but if it's safe WE ARE SURE AS HELL GOING TO TRY IT. Otherwise, the other option of "Sheep going to the Slaughter" by failing to seek out a better shepherd is quite dismal and certainly less than courageous.

After seeing with my own eyes the rapid progress that my grandson has made, I am now researching Glutathione, as so many parents have found positive response to this safe and non toxic approach. Should I wait around another five or ten years for "medical research" to put it's stamp of approval on this first, while in the meantime my grandson is in need of help right NOW?

I think not. Not after I heard him say "Mama" again, and speak again, after being silent since his last vaccination which almost killed him. Not after I saw him walking again, and having regular poop instead of diarrhea for 18 months, and giving us hugs and kisses again after ignoring us. All of this has been the result of so called "unscientific" clinical trials conducted in our own home with not one "medically prescribed drug", but instead natural therapies for inflammatory bowel and intestinal permeability.

Pssshawww you say? I say, as Martin Luther King said, "I have been to the top of the mountain and I have seen the promised land."

krykof said...

As scientists develop their understanding of our miraculous immune system, more & more research is been done to promote wellness at the cellular level. To date, over 80,000 articles have been published on glutathione in medical literature.

"WITHOUT GLUTATHIONE, OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM COULD NOT FUNCTION. As glutathione levels drop, our ability to ward off disease also declines" Dr, Gustavo Bounous, a leading medical researcher who has called glutathione "The Master Antioxidant."

Everyday, your body must handle the effects of aging, pollution, environmental toxins, processed foods, stress, infection and disease, all of which significantly diminish glutathione levels. As glutathione levels diminish in the body, the immune system becomes sluggish. Glutathione helps to address a range of illnesses by preserving the overall health of cells and tissues through the elimination of free radicals and countless toxins that can damage our cells.

Glutathione is an essential health aid. Each cell in the healthiest of individuals need constant replenishment of glutathione supply. There are four all important roles that glutathione plays in the body:
A.I.D. = E
Immune Booster
That results in More Energy

Contrary to what you may have heard, eating glutathione WILL NOT raise the glutathione levels in your cells. glutathione must be manufactured within your cells.

While there are synthetic ways to increase glutathione levels such as the drug NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine), the level of side effects and the duration of action are such that its long-term effectiveness is limited.

Glutathione is made up of three amino acid building blocks: glutamic acid, glycine and cysteine. We receive plenty of glutamic acid and glycine in our diet but cysteine is much harder to obtain. Eating pure cysteine as a supplement is also largely ineffective and can make you feel ill.

There is a natural product that has been proven to be very effective in the delivery of "bonded cysteine" or cysteine that is part of a larger protein, allowing for its easy absorption and transfer into our cells. This cysteine delivery system devised by a medical team at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, contains natural proteins isolated from milk but only negligible amounts of fat and lactose. Even lactose intolerant individuals can tolerate this product well and can feel free to use it safely.

Over the past 30 years, numerous clinical and experimental studies have been conducted on this remarkable product and it has met every scientific standard. I would be happy to forward information to anyone interested in learning how they can naturally provide the building blocks for the body's cells to manufacture glutathione, write to:

Unknown said...

There is another product available that has extensive clinical research and was awarded a composition patent. This is not Glutatione but the only product ever produced that has been clinically shown to stimulate your body into producing its own Glutathione as much as 400% over 4 months. Currently its in trials with the U.S Army on brain injuries and in some trials with non-verbal Autistic children, they began to speak sentences after only a few months. My father is the first Parkinson's patient in history to actually come off his meds and as a result we are now going to be presenting to the Parkinson's Foundation at the University of Toronto. If you want information, call me. 705-739-0013

danruiz said...

Both Krykoff and Martin are probably speaking about Immuocal.
It does actually raise intercellular GSH levels and has helped many autstic children and will eventually become widely known for its benefits.

danruiz said...

Krykof and Martin are both probably talking about Immunocal (
Very good at raising intercellular gsh levels with no ill side effects, crosses the blood brain barrier to detox the brain better than anything else.

Capt'n Charlie said...

MaxGXL is the product that has all the clinical testing and proof that it does exactly what it says it does...raises intracellular glutathione an average of 292% above normal levels. It was created by Dr Robert Keller (32 page c.v.) and has been used for 13 years now at BIODORON Institute of Advanced Medicine. Contact me at 757-619-5967 or visit

Randy said...

Don't be fooled by imitations. Here is some of the original research done on glutathione. Click Here Research