Wednesday, July 02, 2008

7 Year Old Autistic Boy Wanders Away From Camp And Into Traffic

Not long after autistic adult Keith Kennedy wandered away from a camp in Wisconsin 7 year old autistic boy Colin Hays wandered away from camp in Maryland - where he was spotted by his mother a short time after she had dropped him off for the day wandering the shoulder of a busy highway. As reported by myfox washington d.c.:

"he ... crossed over busy Montgomery Road and walked over a highway bridge. Then, he climbed down and wound up walking on a highway on ramp shoulder .... The posted speed limit on the ramp is 40 miles an hour, but traffic routinely travels at speeds of 50 or faster.

Colin's mother says she was walking about four feet from the whizzing cars when she happened to drive by. "My heart stopped, I slammed on the brakes," said Kristen Detwiler, the boy's mom. "I stopped my car, left the car on the middle of 100. I ran out in a skirt and heels and started chasing him screaming, "Colin, stop! It's Mommy! Stop!'" Detwiler was able to successfully rescue her son from the dangerous situation. "

I can imagine the fear felt by Kristen Detwiler when she saw her son in danger.

I admire her courageous action in rescuing him.

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