Thursday, July 24, 2008

Autism Poser - Conservative MP Colin Carrie's Photo Op Support For Autistic Children

""I'm here today really as a thank you," Mr. Carrie told a small gathering at the Whitby Library Celebration Square. "A thank you to Jonathan for his commitment, for not only these kids but their families. To raise awareness, there's so much to be done for these kids. My son is a wonderful musician, a wonderful magician and without having the correct diagnosis and treatment, these kids can be lost."

Oshawa MP Colin Carrie (Conservative) greeting Jonathan Howard,

Oshawa Conservative MP Colin Carrie greeted autism Run the Dream runner Jonathan Howard recently as he ran through Durham region in Ontario. Autistic children in Ontario are particularly hard hit by lack of treatment with many of them languishing on waiting lists and and autism agencies cutting back on treatment services for lack of funding. Mr. Carrie, as the above quote indicates, has a personal interest in autism disorders, having a son with Aspergers who, again judging by the above quote, appears to be quite high functioning.

Mr. Carrie took advantage of the photo opportunity to meet with Jonathan Howard and talk about the need for treatment for autistic children but when he had the opportunity to do somethng about it, to actually provide the financing to ensure the necessary treatment, Mr. Carrie turned his back on autistic children. When MP Shawn Murphy brought a private members bill C-304 to amend the Canada Health Act to ensure financing for treatment of autistic children in Canada Mr. Carrie towed the party line and voted nay. Colin Carrie Oshawa Conservative MP, father of a son with Aspergers, and greeter of Jonathan Howard voted nay to treatment for autistic children.

National Strategy for the Treatment of Autism Act

The House resumed from February 14 consideration of the motion that Bill C-304, An Act to provide for the development of a national strategy for the treatment of autism and to amend the Canada Health Act, be read the second time and referred to a committee.

The Speaker: previous intervention next intervention

The House will now proceed to the taking of the deferred recorded division on the motion at second reading stage of Bill C-304 under private members' business.
* * * (The House divided on the motion, which was agreed to on the following division:) (Division No. 122)



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