Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ontario Failing Autistic Children - Canada Needs Medicare for Autism NOW

More proof that Canada needs Medicare coverage for Autism NOW can be found in the CP/Globe & Mail article Agencies decry Ontario's funding of child autism treatment by Maria Babbage. From Northern Ontario to Toronto and London non-profit agencies are underfunded and forced to cut services. Autistic children are losing out. Children are continuing to wait for a place on the lists to receive treatment:

Stacey Sayer, a 38-year-old nurse in northern Ontario, said she's waited two years for her 9-year-old autistic daughter Maggie to receive IBI therapy and there's still no end in sight.

“We're very worried, yes, that time is ticking away and we're not getting what we need, and she's not getting what she needs,” Ms. Sayer said.

“We're worried about her whole future and what's going to happen to her in the end.”

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Christine said...

What is it going to take for Ontario to stop ignoring our children?

Autism is the never ending waiting game not only in Ontario but across our country. When our children are not being ignored they are being discriminated against. I keep reading more and more crimes committed against autistic families because our children are not behaving. As a result we are being kicked out or asked to leave public places because our children are disruptive.

Wake up people if our children are bothering you why not join in our fight for MEDICARE FOR AUTISM NOW? Many children benefit from therapy but can not access services. Our government continues to deny our most vulnerable citizens help so they do not have to banished from public places. I am ashamed of our government's lip service and want action. With your help and the number of families living with autism (1 in 150) you can make a difference. Please do not pass judgement on our children because the numbers are steadily increasing and it could happen to someone you know.

Ensure treatment is in place by emailing or making a call to your MP and demand MEDICARE FOR AUTISM NOW!