Saturday, July 19, 2008

O Canada Conor Loves His Lawn Chair

We have to keep a close watch on Conor. He can not be left unattended or he could wander off as he did on a previous occasion. No one wants to be attended at all times though and while it is easy to give him some solitude in a room in the house it is more difficult outdoors and Conor loves to be outdoors. We let him go to the front and side steps but keep a constant watch.

The back yard offers more security and we can leave Conor there by himself (still checking frequently through a window). Conor loves the backyard and he loves to relax in his Canada flag folding lawn chair. A great buy for $9.


Maddy said...

Yeah! He's not the only one I know who sits upside down or back to front in a chair. I wonder if I can find one with a Union Jack! One that doesn't cost a King's ransom of course.
Very best wishes

Suzanne said...

I can relate. My six-year-old daughter wants to be able to go to the park by herself, but we can't let her. If something bad happens, she's not able to tell us the details. Not to mention the fact that she is completely vulnerable to anyone who wants to take advantage of her.

Anonymous said...

I used to call my son Mork because he liked to "sit" headfirst in chairs, like "Orkian" Robin Williams back in that silly 70s show. At school, they've tried OT wedge pillows and foot rests, but invariably he finds a way to fall off. Nanu nanu!