Friday, July 18, 2008

Autism's Fool Of The Year

Yeah, when I first read of Mike Savage 's remarks about autistic children being frauds I was angry but the flash of temper passed quickly, very quickly, when I realized that Savage had simply exposed himself as a blowhard, a windbag with no knowledge whatsoever of what he was screaming about. It is hard to stay angry at the guy while I am still laughing at him.


Christine said...

I second that nomination! Some people will do anything for ratings. I guess he does not realize the amount of families this affects and will not listen to his station anymore. He might not shut up but we can turn him off and send him out with the "Autism's Fool Of The Year" award.

Maddy said...

Indeed. My meagre talents as an American tell me that it was a rating attempt. The more outrageous the better for his purposes.

Now Harry [Hal] {that's a compliment} let your guard down for a moment and treat us all to an anecdote. I know you have them. Lots of them. Indulgence us all for a moment in one of them.

[then e-mail me when you've composed it]

Cheers [the irritating one]

Anonymous said...

I feel exactly the same way. I read what he said and got my hackles up, then I realized that anyone with half a brain (which is at least 45% more than he shows himself to have) would realize he's an ignorant hate monger after ratings. He certainly can't get them by being clever.