Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Michael Savage Recommended For Dolthood

I haven't said too much about Michael Savage and his ridiculous rant against autistic children and their parents. His comments clearly identified him as a windbag and a blowhard that knows nothing about autism. His attack was so absurd that I did not feel the need to protest or go after his job.

From what I understand Mr. "Savage" has attacked other groups Muslims, gays etc and will undoubtedly find an outlet somewhere in the US talk radio/television hate talk business to spew his hatred.

Having said that I enjoy reading of the loss of advertisers for his program and the protests. Of the many comments about Savage's silly hate spiel though one I enjoyed most is the title and remarks in an article by Dr. Phillip Leveque on Salem-News.com: Autism, Michael Savage and Dolthood.

"(MOLALLA, Ore.) - When I heard this dolt pontificating on television news that Autism was the result of bad parenting, I nearly threw-up. This totally absurd ranting was settled more than 50 years ago."

Sir Michael Savage, Dolt of the NTR, pretty well sums it up.

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