Friday, July 18, 2008

North Bay Needs A National Autism Strategy

In Autistic kids waiting for help Local agency can’t operate at its maximum capacity..... and families are suffering Brandi Cramer reports on North Bay's autism desperation. Early intervention, particularly in the 2 to 5 period, is acknowledged by all save the most rabid anti-cure ideologues as a critically important window of opportunity in treating autism. In North Bay Ontario Shannon Berger's three year old son was diagnosed with severe autism in September and has been on a waiting list for intense behavioral intervention treatment since. The local agency is running a deficit and has been unable to take on new clients. The Province of Ontario has increased funding in the region by100% in the last five years but the agency is still over strapped and the Province says agencies have to manage their budgets.

The truth is that North Bay needs a National Autism Strategy that would see federal dollars flow to the provinces to provide autism treatment. Medicare for Autism is needed NOW to ensure that ALL autistic children receive timely effective treatment regardless of where in Canada their parents live. The autistic son of Alberta Conservative MP Mike Lake deserves access to autism treatment. So too does Ryan Berger, the autistic son of Shannon Berger of North Bay, Ontario.

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