Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mother Upset Over Disappearance of Autistic Son from British Hospital

In WOODFORD GRN: Mother calls for inquiry into disappearance of Autistic son the Guardian reports that Lash Wilson, is calling for an inquiry into the disappearance from Goodmayes Hospital of her autistic son, James Wilson, who was left unsupervised while he went to a shop. Her son was found four days later in Colchester, Essex. Lash Wilson accuses the hospital of "appalling negligence". Ivan Corea of the UK Autism Foundation, which has joined in the call for an inquiry, also calls on government to protect the vulnerable:

" to tighten up all procedures and guidelines where children and young people people who are in the care of hospitals, residential centres, schools and other institutions to hold staff accountable "

In case anyone hasn't noticed yet many autistic people are at risk of wandering away from camps, homes, hospitals and residential centers. This autism reality should not be obscured by feel good rhetoric about the joy of autism. Steps should be taken to protect, and provide security for, those autistic people who need help.

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Christine said...

Each time I read or hear of one person with autism missing I really feel sick.

As a parent of a child with autism I believe anyone with employment that has a chance of caring for someone with autism needs to be educated about the disorder. A national mandate needs to be implemented. I am not talking about a two day course on what is autism? We need medical staff, educational staff etc. to be taught not only what autism is but how to treat someone with autism. The sensory issues, flight risks and ways to communicate with an autistic person needs to be taught. These are only some examples.

I believe with proper training and education some of these risks will be decreased for all affected by autism.