Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Autism Hunger Strike While We Are Warm At Home Eating Supper

"When you were warm at home, eating supper last night, he was alone, at Queen's Park, shivering in the pouring rain"

- Paul Bliss, CTV News, reporting on Day 4 of Stephan Marinoiu's Hunger Strike for Autism.

Today is now Day 9 of Stephan Marinoiu's Hunger Strike for Autism. Although the strike is taking place near the Ontario Legislature Stephan is also asking the federal government to provide funding for autism treatment. The following video of the CTV report was posted on Youtube by OntarioAutism:


farmwifetwo said...


It's not the same as IBI. It's using ABA principals to control, monitor and implement behaviour strategies only. And I had a LONG talk with my PDD Teacher b/c there was NO WAY in H*** they were coming near him with IBI again. My PDD teacher is the one that goes school to school since my boys - even the Severe, non-verbal one is mainstreamed and doing AMAZING - reading, writing, spelling and math all at Gr 1 (age appropriate) level with full EA support - fingers crossed we keep a full time EA. Ironically in this house, normal education strategies... with a twist ie Writing with Symbols etc... works the best.

There are those that like their IBI programs like http://a-shade-of-grey.blogspot.com but his program and mine were not the same. I had T's that thought they knew all. That didn't care about the child only about how their program was the be all and end all and I have a smart child so getting rid of them... was a NIGHTMARE.. thank goodness for my FSW... I had the OLD style Lovaas... my boy hated it.

We have private speech since Xmas, and it took him 3 weeks before he'd let me move around the kitchen while she was in our house and she's AMAZING with him as well. He shouldn't have been suspicious of her b/c of them and 18mths later.

My Family Support Working - Community Living - says that in this area people are refusing IBI due to the style/rigidness of their programming and attempting to pay for other therapies or managing to mix and match ideas that work for them.

What I would like to see is 2 things:
1. A streamline of therapies. IBI is (a), (b) and (c) no matter where you live; Floortime - same thing; Sunrise - same thing. Not this huge possibility of variations within each of the therapy methods... and still take into account the learning styles of each child. But the overall "therapy" ideal be the same. - Did that make any sense :)
2. Funding for all parents to pick and choose that therapist, that therapy method... that works for their family.

AVA said...

ABA can be learned by parents.
I used it for all my 4 autistic children myself, because it didn't exist in my country at all..

Do you know there's a hunger strike for autism going on in the USA?