Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Buddies Forever

Parents advocating for our autistic children are occasionally lectured and told that we must stop trying to "change" our children. We must learn to accept our children's autism and find joy - in their autism. I do not find joy in Conor's autistic disorder which presents him with serious challenges now and for the future. But I find great joy and comfort in Conor himself. And it takes no effort on my part. Conor is a happy and loving boy. And lots of fun.

During the Fredericton Flood, now receding, sleep was hard to come by as we stayed on top of the basement flooding wth sump pump, shop vac and buckets. Above Dad tries to get some rest on the couch. Conor, stimmer straw and all, decides to pay a visit.

Buddies forever.


Anonymous said...

This is so very true. I totally agree, I accept my son for who he is. I do not accept Autism. I refuse to accept Autism. My son depends on me for help and guidance. I will continue to fight every day to help him and all children overcome this disorder. Asking people to accept that their child has Autism is like asking a parent to accept that their child has cancer. My son is wonderful and I would never change him...he is perfect, but I will fight to change the battle that he faces. I will not accept Autism; I owe it to my son as well as all parents to one day say...We beat this! Or at least... I tried my hardest and did my best.

- BJ McKelvie

Blogger Charles LeBlanc said...

Good pictures!!!

You know if you would have email your fellow blogger?

We would have came to give ya a helping hand.


But then again? You can use the exercise!!!