Sunday, May 04, 2008

Autism Hero - Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio

Florida House Speaker Rep. Marco Rubio

"If this issue is about anything else, anything else -- taxes, anything -- I would tell you: 'Don't do it. Let's give it back and do it right and get it completely right.' But it has to do with children and with families. I think we need to take a step forward.''

- Florida House Speaker Rep. Marco Rubio

In the above quote Florida House Speaker Rep. Marco Rubio explained why he recommended against further debate on the Steven A. Geller Autism Coverage Act requiring all private insurance groups in Florida to cover autism medical aid. As reported by UPI the proposed Act could have been slowed by further debate concerning coverage of other disabilities.

It is refreshing to see a political leader who understands the urgency, and the need, to take action to provide medical coverage for autism.


bobbie said...

Hooray for the Representative! If only there were more like him.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure. The bill was stuffed with so many ammendments, caps, and other nonsense that the insurance companies won't be paying for anything. This was strictly a window dressing bill by the time Gardiner and his insurance lobbyist buddies got done ammending it.