Sunday, June 10, 2007

WAG Autism Group Goes to See Shrek 3 and So Does Conor

WAG, or We Are Going, an autism group in Lawrence Kansas, was scheduled to attend a special showing of Shrek 3 at a theatre in Lawrence yesterday. special accommodations were made for the showing. This sounds like a terrific idea and the WAG group and threatre folks at Southwind 12 Cinema deserve commendation for this great effort at real inclusion of autistic persons. Conor also went to see Shrek 3 here in Fredericton although we went as a family and made no request for accommodations. We did take Conor out when ever he got too stressed but he sat through the previews and saw most of the movie. Judging by his periodic laughter he enjoyed himself. And, of course he enjoyed a treat or two.

There will be a special showing of “Shrek the Third” today for people with autism.

We Are Going, or WAG, a group within the Lawrence Autism Society, has organized the event, which will be at 10 a.m. today at Southwind 12 Cinema, 3433 Iowa.

The theater has been working with WAG to make special modifications such as leaving the lights brighter, lowering the sound and omitting previews.

WAG focuses on bringing families affected by autism out in public. It hopes future destinations could include a swimming pool, bowling alley, museums and churches.

“People with autism are as much a part of our community as everyone else,” said Maria Holter, community director of WAG. “But I don’t think these institutions realize how many people don’t go because they aren’t comfortable.”

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Maddy said...

Going to see a film has been an ongoing 'campaign' for us [we have so many!] Ideally we go when the place is empty so that one can run up and down the aisles and the other one can repeat 'the funny lines.'
I heard on the grapevine that this wasn't a great 'hit' but maybe that's just an adult perspective.
I we'll probably go and see it as a 'treat' [for who?] when we're in England as it's always better to be banned from somewhere you don't frequent frequently!