Friday, June 22, 2007

Autism & Education - Conor's Last Day at Nashwaaksis Memorial School

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Randy the crossing guard, the face of Nashwaaksis Memorial School
Conor and Mom walk to school
Conor rings the bell
Conor's computer corner

There are many challenges to deal with in advocating for the best possible situation for a child with Autism Disorder in the school system. At times the challenge can include confrontation with educators, particularly when the discussions are taking place higher up in the public service hierarchy. With Conor's education though the school he has attended from K-5 has been filled with wonderful people teachers, resource teachers, principals, aides, janitors, office personnel and crossing guards, all of whom contributed to a safe, nurturing and enjoyable educational experience for Conor over the past 6 years. Today was Conor's last day at Nashwaaksis Memorial School. It was, for Dad, a difficult moment knowing I would not be bringing him back to this school again or picking him up there at the end of the day. I have never been shy about voicing my opinion. This time I am very happy to say well done everyone at Memorial School. And thank you.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful school.

Anonymous said...


I came accross your blog awhile back and have read some but not all of your writing.
I'm glad your son had a good experience at his school.
I'm not in Canada but in California and we have many options for services in the more populated areas but outlying areas continue to have difficulites with a range of services for autistic children and adults.
I talked to a lady the other day who has a 17 year old son who she had to fight to get schooling for her son in her home because there were no school programs for him in the school district she lives in.
She was a contact person for FEAT in her area . I had contacted her because I was looking for information about Drs who diagnose autism in this area for a woman who had called me.