Wednesday, June 20, 2007

An Excellent Autism and ABA Blog

Michael Goldberg, at Autism Bulletin, has highlighted an excellent blog about Applied Behavior Analysis and autism by Angela Mouzakitis, BCBA, (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) called Applied Behavior Analysis: Current Topics. There are many "anti-ABA" blog sites on the internet, mostly by people with little or no knowledge of, or experience with, ABA. Ms Mouzakitis blog site sets out her very impressive credentials on these subjects:

"Angela Mouzakitis
Astoria, New York, US
I teach in the Graduate Program in Special Education at CUNY Queens College. I am certified as a school psychologist, special education teacher and behavior analyst. My field of interest and experience is predominantly working with and teaching children with autism following the principles of applied behavior analysis. My research on my dissertation addresses the treatment integrity of behavior support plans in public and private schools that provide educational services to children with autism and developmental disabilities. In the future I am interested in exploring functional behavior assessment in relationships.

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Anonymous said...

I found her blog last week. Pretty decent job IMO.

Dave C.