Friday, June 01, 2007

Jamie McMurray Will Put Pedal to the Metal for Autism Awareness & Research in Autism Speaks 400

Autism Speaks latest autism awareness and fundraising effort, the Autism Speaks 400, is a beauty. Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and many other celebrities have pitched in to help raise autism awarness. Now the Autism Speaks 400 is set to roll and this should help push autism awareness further into public consciousness. Jamie McMurray has also stepped forward individually. His helment and firesuit this weekend will carry the autism puzzle piece design and the Crown Royal folks will be repainting the No. 26 Ford Fusion Jamie will be driving to carry the puzzle piece design. Autism is a serious neurological disorder but it will help everyone to have some fun this weekend as Jamie and the other drivers race to bring autism awareness home and to raise funds for autism research. I know I will be cheering for the No. 26 Ford Fusion this weekend. A big thank you to Autism Speaks, Jamie McMurray, Crown Royal and VISA, which will be donating $5 from ticket purchases to autism research.

Jamie McMurray to Race Special Paint Scheme in Dover to Raise Awareness and Funds for Autism

May 31, 2007
CONCORD, N.C. - One year ago at Dover International Speedway, Jamie McMurray led 95 of the race's closing 98 laps, only to be passed by teammate Matt Kenseth with three laps remaining. McMurray went on to finish with a season-best second place. This year, McMurray and the No. 26 Crown Royal Ford Fusion hope to be leading when the checker flag drops on the Autism Speaks 400. McMurray, who has been one of the most vocal spokesmen for autism awareness in the sport of NASCAR, hopes to bring a lot more attention to the cause this weekend with a new autism-themed paint scheme, firesuit, helmet and gloves.

"I went to Crown Royal a few weeks ago and asked them how I can do more in support of the Autism Speaks 400," said McMurray. "I had the idea of wearing a different firesuit and helmet in the race and then auctioning them off after and have all of the funds go towards the Jamie McMurray Foundation, which supports autism research, education and families afflicted with autism. Needless to say, Crown Royal was very supportive and backed us completely."

Crown Royal even went further and changed the look of the No. 26 Ford Fusion for this weekend's race at Dover International Speedway. The sides, front and rear of the No. 26 Crown Royal Ford Fusion will be outfitted with the well-known autism puzzle piece design.

"We know how important this race is to Jamie, so we wanted to go the extra mile to help out," said Jim Lorenz, senior brand manager, Crown Royal. "When we first started working with Jamie, it was clear how much passion he has for this cause and we want to do our part to join in the effort to raise money and awareness. After we found out the race would be entitled the Autism Speaks 400, we wanted to help Jamie in any way we could."

Along with the special paint scheme on the No. 26 Ford Fusion, McMurray will also don a new firesuit, helmet and gloves - all of which will be outfitted with the Autism puzzle piece design. Following the race, all of these special items will be auctioned off on Speed Channel's website ( with the proceeds going to benefit the Jamie McMurray Foundation.

Heading into this weekend, McMurray, along with a handful of NASCAR drivers, will participate in the Drive for Autism Research Golf Tournament in Wilmington, Del. The golf tournament is organized by Artie Kempner of FOX Sports, with the proceeds of the tournament being split between the foundations of McMurray and Elliott Sadler.

"It's great to be paired up with Artie and Elliott for this week's golf event. This golf tournament continues to grow in popularity and it raises a lot of money for autism, which is the most important part," McMurray said.

This Sunday morning at the Dover International Speedway media center, McMurray will be presenting Autism Speaks with a charitable donation. The presentation is set to begin at 9:30am.


Maddy said...

Firesuit? Now I know that's not a misprint - do you have a piccy? [visual learner]

Unknown said...

The list pic is No. 26 which will be repainted with the puzzle design also.

Should be a lot of fun.

Unknown said...

This one has a diagram and an explanation.