Thursday, December 04, 2008

Harold Doherty's Autism Advocacy Awards

#1 Autism Advocacy Award - Conor's Smile, Joy and Happiness

#2 Autism Advocacy Award - An ASNB Mug

Given To Me By Fellow Parents, Friends and Officers of the Autism Society of New Brunswick. The Mug was given to me a couple of years back and, like me, shows the wear and tear of time. The Hulk was a nickname given by former ASNB President Lila Barry, who has been a force for autism in New Brunswick. The picture is my "mug" superimposed on a target background.

#3 Loyal Order of the Flying Swine Award

I was one of the recipients of the Flying Swine Award handed out by Jean Lewis and David Marley. This award has been handed to few people but includes some very distinguished autism advocates including Jim Munson, Shawn Murphy, Andy Scott and peter Stoffer.

With these three awards I have been truly honored and will continue my autism advocacy efforts.

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Anonymous said...

I love everyone!!! Oh do I remember the fun we had giving you that mug!


Unknown said...

It was a lot of fun Dawn. And the mug means a lot to me because of the people who gave it to me.

A lot was accomplished in our small humble province by the effort of some very good people.

The Hulk