Monday, December 15, 2008

An Information Request To Kent Heckenlively At Age of Autism About His ACE Pathway Investigation

Kent Heckenlively
Age of Autism

Dear Mr. Heckenlively

How is your investigation of the ACE Pathway "Investigational" Study of stealth adapted/monkey viruses going? You had indicated that you hoped to give your own personal report by Thanksgiving.

Have your expectations been confirmed? You had stated:

I wonder what the odds ratio would be for the finding of Dr. Martin’s simian cytomegalovirus in our children with autism. I expect it would be similarly high.

Have you been able to locate any articles by researchers - other than Dr W John Martin and Reverend BJ McKelvie - (1) which confirm the existence of stealth adapted viruses and (2) which indicate that these SAV's cause, or contribute to, autism?

Have you been able to confirm that the ACE Pathway Investigational Study has been approved by Health Canada and the FDA as stated by some persons involved with the study? If so can you provide a link to the protocol established by these agencies for the conduct of the study?

I look forward to your answers to these questions and to the results of your investigation.


Harold L Doherty, Esq.
Fredericton New Brunswick Canada

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penlan said...

Don't know if you're aware of this or if it pertains to you & your sone, but please take a look.