Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh No, Conor Loves Mama Mia!

Christmas morning was a lot of fun with everybody opening their gifts.

As a grown up kid I couldn't wait to see one of the gifts we got for Conor - "Horton Hears A Who" in high definition (Blue Ray) featuring Jim Carrey as Horton and Steve Carell as the Mayor of Whoville. Much to my chagrin though Conor really liked one of Mom's gifts - the Mama Mia! video. Conor's Mom saw Mama Mia! a couple of times in the theatres and I have heard ABBA around the house incessantly since then.

With Conor enjoying the Mama Mia! video I am in serious trouble. No amount of sniveling and whining can help me now. Conor has Dad wrapped around his little finger. If he chooses to watch Mama Mia! then I will have no choice. Peace and quiet, my sanity, will be Slipping Through My Fingers .... S.O.S.

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Anonymous said...

Mama we go again!! LOL the sounds of this film are in our house too!!


Stephanie said...

As promised a Conor-inspired painting...a day after Christmas present:

"Boy with Balloons"
18inx24in, acrylic on canvas

Lisa said...

There are worse things than ABBA, try the Bob the Builder cd in your car stereo, for 12 months. I was nearly hospitalized with a nervous disorder. Instead I went on highly reinforcing car journeys with a special seat harness And ABBA!
I figured if Bratty got fixated at least there were more than 11 songs in their back catalogue, unlike Bob......

Unknown said...

Wow, thank you Stephanie. I will post it here on FANB.

On behalf of Conor I also thank you.


Unknown said...

Hello lisadom

I am not too worried about Conor fixating on ABBA. His mom has been there since Mama Mia! hit the theatres. So Conor just adds a bit more of that.

Conor likes a lot of different music including the sound track from O Brother Where Art Thou, and some discs I play Riding With the King (Eric Clapton and BB King) and Johny Cash. He also likes to listen to one of the Rogers Jazz music stations with me.

Blogger Charles LeBlanc said...

Nothing wrong with ABBA!!!

I listen to them every time you shout at me on the streets!!

Maybe I have a touch of Autism in me????