Saturday, December 06, 2008

Conor, Mom and Dad Head to the Store

Conor, Mom and Dad head to the store for a few things, including a cupcake treat for Conor who shows patience waiting for Mom to check out of a busy Superstore. A few groceries can't stop Conor from flying home - in reverse.

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Lisa said...

Thankyou for sharing these great photographs. Conor is an amazing looking kid.
But tell me, is he trying to make you smile in one of those photographs? My own Boo tries to do that when I am giving out.

You may have visited my new blog recently on the IAA website, but I would love you to visit my old one, and meet my Boo and Bratty.
Boo can talk the legs off a chair but is quite physically challenged with sensory seeking and body tone issues. He is however able to express his intelligence in a way that most people around him can appreciate.
Bratty is almost functionally non-verbal in that she uses picture communication and behavior to have her needs met. But with the right intervention her vocalisations are improving all the time and we are noticing that people outside the family are beginning to understand what she wants.
Unlike Boo she has perfect grace and balance, but is presumed by most to be less intelligent, as she cannot express herself as well. We understand her however, and her extreme problem solving ability, determination and cunning are a joy and a challenge.

I see you are having an extreme winter too. But at least it's stopped raining !
Hammiesays/Lisa Dom


Unknown said...


Thank you for our kind words about Conor. I am not sure he is doing it to make me smile. I have always thought it was part tactile and part fixing the image on his "screen" but I am not really sure. He does it often.