Friday, December 26, 2008

Boy With Balloons by Stephanie Lynn Keil (Inspired by Conor Doherty)

The image above is of the painting, "Boy With Balloons", created by artist Stephanie Lynn Keil who is herself autistic.

Stephanie informs me that the painting was inspired by my buddy Conor.

On behalf of Conor and our family I thank you Stephanie. We are very moved by this work and will always treasure the image and knowledge that Conor inspired the painting.

Stephanie's art is featured on her blog site Stephanie Lynn Keil.

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Stephanie said...

This painting (and a few others) will be featured in an upcoming issue of Glimpse ( So look for it in the future!

My current interest is making personalized paintings for people (and organizations) with neurological disorders, preferably those with autism (I'm currently working on one for a woman who had a stroke). If you know anyone who is interested contact me (because I need $$$)!