Saturday, January 10, 2009

Arkansas Parents Meet Governor To Advocate For Their Autistic Children

In Arkansas parents of autistic children met with Arkansas Governor Beebe on Friday to fight for their autistic children by asking the Governor to discuss possible legislation that would require insurance companies to cover Applied Behavioral Analysis. You won't see this story on the formerly progressive's "autism" page, operated as it is by Neurodiversity extremists Kristina Chew and Dora Raymaker, but you can find it, complete with video coverage, on line at Arkansas and at MSNBC.

ABA is the one evidence based intervention shown by decades of research to help autistic children make real gains and parents were in Little Rock fighting to obtain it for their children. But you would never know it by reading the Neurodiversity maskquerading as Autism page. At you will find attacks on Jerry Lewis for his disabilities advocacy over several decades but no mention of ABA or the good parents of Arkansas.

For that matter you wouldn't know anything about evidence backed ABA or the parents struggle in Arkansas by reading the Age of Autism either. That site devotes more coverage to the ACE Pathway Investigational Study of Dr. John Martin and Rev. BJ McKelvie then it does to parents' struggles to obtain evidence based ABA treatment for their children.

There are many people pretending to help autistic children. Some are actually doing so, like the parents who met the Governor in Little Rock, Arkansas. From Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, this autism dad salutes you. Keep up the good fight.

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