Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Facing Autism Nominated For Canadian Blog Awards Best Health Blog

Facing Autism in New Brunswick has been honored with a nomination for a Canadian Blog Award in the Best Health Blog category. It really is, without any false modesty, an honor just to be nominated alongside the other excellent blogs in this category.

There will be 2 rounds of voting. First round voting is under way. If you would like to vote you can do so at Canadian Health Awards Best Health Blog.

I encourage everyone to check out all the nominated blogs:

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations... the nomination is well deserved, and so would a win. I used to have your blog in my sidebar, but somehow it got lost. I'm glad I found you again.

Good luck with the award.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Thanks salted and anonymous.

saltedlithium I like the street hockey pic on your site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks... my little brother calls the moment his greatest achievement. At least the greatest one caught on film.