Monday, November 24, 2008

Alternative Autism Treatment Researchers Claim Hodgepodge Of Autism Treatments Works

Dr. James Neubrander, a physician, and Dr. Philip De Fina, a clinical neuropsychologist, of Woodbridge, N.J gave a lecture today on Staten Island in which they claimed that a hodgepodge of treatments - a combination of changes in diet, vitamin supplements, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and shots of methylcobalamin -- a form of vitamin B-12 -- has changed lives. As reported on the researchers claim to be able to change the environment of the brain to help normalize electrical chemical activity, which brings about positive change.

The two alternative treatment researchers claim it could be decades before their theories are incorporated into mainstream science. Cost of treatment is expensive and is estimated to cost a couple of thousand dollars a month.

Step right up folks; get your hodgepodge of alternative autism treatments here.

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coc said...

I feel so sorry for parents who'd 'try anything'. Everyone thinks that way from time to time but really, if you're starting to engage in invasive medical procedures for which there is no published research in the literature, you've gone too far.

Would you allow sports coaches to inject your typically developing children with their own concoctions to make them 'better' athletes?

What's even sadder is that in the unlikely event that these doctors have actually stumbled on something, by proceeding directly to 'jackpot' they immediately cast a cloud of doubt over everything they're doing. They say it might take decades for their approach to be accepted as if that were A Bad Thing.

Why would any parent allow their children to be guinea pigs?

Anonymous said...

wow "coc"'re really narrow minded...i applaud doctors like this. have you looked into what you are actually saying "coc"? don't confuse other parents with your narrow minded ways...