Monday, November 24, 2008

Autism and ABA Abuse of Autistic Children - A Case Study, Part 3

Conor had a long weekend again, because of teacher interviews/teacher association council days at the end of last week. Such extended breaks from school are difficult for Conor who apparently has been deceived by nefarious ABA trickery into thinking that he actually enjoys the ABA based instruction he receives in school. Hence, the perfect attendance he achieved last year as Middle School.

Conor has, with ABA instruction, developed some reading skills but they are not yet on a level where he can understand the writings of Michelle Dawson (admittedly as a lawyer with 24 years experience I also have trouble reading, understanding and finding the evidentiary basis of Ms Dawson's essays and opinions).

Without her objective input, (Ms Dawson's own opinions do not appear to be contaminated by any direct involvement with, or first hand knowledge, of ABA, or respect for the opinions of the hundreds of medical and education professionals and researchers who endorse ABA as an effective intervention for children with autistic disorders), Conor does not understand that his human rights, as an autistic person, are being violated by exposure to ABA abuse.

Although Ms Dawson, diagnosed as "autistic", by someone, as an adult, does not indicate that she herself was ever abused by exposure to ABA that does not, in itself, mean that she does not know what she is talking about does it? Does it?

Surely her lack of respect for the opinions of health care professionals who actually work with autistic children, including severely affected autistic children, providing ABA treatment to help reduce self injurious behavior and increase cognitive, communication and social skills (AAP, MADSEC, US Surgeon General) does not mean that Ms Dawson does not know what she is talking about does it?

Michelle Dawson has said that the human rights of autistic persons like my son Conor are denied by exposure to ABA. His autistic essence as she would define it is being trampled and he is effectively being abused. After all Michelle Dawson says so.

Conor's perfect attendance record at middle school where he receives daily ABA instruction must be proof that he is abused, his autistic essence trampled, his human rights as an autistic person trampled right? Well if you are still not convinced that ABA advocates, especially parents, are violating our children's human rights, as pronounced by Michelle Dawson, then please see also:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Harold,

My son also exhibits the same results as Conor from ABA. Actually before ABA and after shows a much happier boy after. ABA has taught our son how to ask for what he wants and participate in school (JK) and play with other kids. Before ABA his behavior was often times quite "off the chart" and self injury was common. All these issues disappeared when, via ABA teaching, he learned to communicate and engage socially. Our son looks forward to his ABA sessions, even asks for more and has bonded with his therapist team as close as family.

I guess Ms. Dawson sees happy as abuse. I honestly do not know why Ms. Dawson holds such views and I pity such a limited world view. Apparently happy is defined differently where Ms. Dawson is, and that is sad. Perhaps ABA as our sons have experienced can make her life better. ABA research has shown that the methods are effective for any age.

Father the Barry II, age 4, ASD

Unknown said...

Hello Barry,

Thanks for your comments. I would really like to know if Ms Dawson has had ANY first hand direct experience of ANY kind with ABA.

Unfortunately the CBC and other media promote her views, to the detriment of autistic children.