Friday, November 07, 2008

Conor's Sense of Humor - Eight Zero Zero and Zero Kisses

Some people believe that autistic people are too literal to have a sense of humor. That myth is categorically false, at least in the case of my son Conor.

We have of late been setting very specific times for Conor to get up, eat breakfast, get dressed for school etc. It helps reduce stress for Conor (and us) and keeps him on a schedule. In the evening he goes to bed at 8 o'oclock or Eight Zero Zero as Conor calls it watching the clock tick down on the kitchen stove's digital clock.

At Eight Zero Zero Conor turns the television off and runs to get ready for bed brushing teeth, washing face etc. When he is ready Mom and Dad tuck him in, taking turns putting specific blankets back on top of him in a specific order. Until recently his Mother would ask "How Many Mommy Kisses?" and Conor would answer 1 or 2. Then I would do the same with a similar answer.

Now, with the Eight Zero Zero routine down pat Conor, who is very affectionate and often hugs and kisses Mom and Dad unannounced during the day, has started responding ZERO! when Mom or Dad asks "How Many Kisses?" Last night after giving Mom and Dad the ZERO kisses answer Conor giggled himself to sleep (loudly).

Conor's sense of humor, his love of teasing Mom and Dad, is a big part of the Joy of Conor.

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Anonymous said...

Tom likes numbers as well. He also has a great sense of humour, loves peekaboo and a rhyme called "Miss Maria".

Marni Wachs said...

Loved your story.

Anonymous said...

OMG that is so sweet!! Thanks for posting.