Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Best of Charles LeBlanc # 1 - David Suzuki

(Photo by Charles LeBlanc)

My friend Charles LeBlanc offers some good photos on his blog site, from time to time. Above is my favorite shot by Charles, a picture of David Suzuki speaking at the United Church in downtown Fredericton. The church is literally filled to the rafters. I am a long time admirer of Mr. Suzuki's work and was particularly pleased with his 1996 production about autism for the Nature of Things on CBC:


The Child Who Couldn't Play (Autism) - a program that closely investigated autism and explored some avenues for treatment for young children with this condition. The program generated a substantial amount of interest from viewers - especially from parents of autistic children, eager for more information and relieved that the subject of autism was entering the public forum.

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