Thursday, November 08, 2007

Autism Parents Rally at New York Supreme Court

With autism diagnoses rising, and the reality of that fact being denied by governments and neurodiversity ideologues alike it is parents who are carrying the fight for increased autism services to help their autistic children overcome the intellectual, communication, social and behavior deficits that will impair their lives. It is not governments, not neurodiversity's self proclaimed "real voices of autism", not even autism advocacy organizations who wrestle with charitable tax status limitations and the desire for government grants who carry the fight. It is the much maligned parents of autistic children who carry the fight to help their children overcome their deficits. From New Brunswick, British Columbia and Ontario to New York state it is parents who stand alone in the fight to help their autistic children.

In Parents Rally For Autism At NYS Supreme Court WCBSTV reports on a rally by parents of autistic children on the steps of the New York Supreme Court. The report tells the story of the Urban family and their struggle in the courts with the Hicksville school district to obtain a personal aid specifically for their autistic daughter at Lee Avenue Elementary School. The parents rallying on the steps of the New York Supreme Court share that battle as the realites of autism are ignored by authorities.

Governments and authorities across North America have ignored the autism crisis until confronted and pushed by parents , the real voices for their autistic children, who have been forced to yell loudly on behalf of their children on the steps of court houses and legislatures.

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