Sunday, November 18, 2007

Autism and Alcohol? Not Very Likely

Any potential cause of autism should be examined. One recent report suggests that alcohol consumption by expectant mothers is, or may be, a factor. I find this suggestion as highly unlikely as the Television causes autism speculation but if credible evidence is found then lets see it. For now color me unconvinced, totally unconvinced. Obviously alcohol consumption by expectant mothers is unwise for a number of other serious health reasons including and especially Fetal Alcohol Syndrome but autism?

For the record I would like to offer the following information. I have two sons one 13 and one 11 1/2, the younger of whom is profoundly autistic by pediatrican diagnoses and psychologist assessment. Their mother, who is an extremely rare consumer of alcohol to begin with, consumed no alchohol during either pregnancy or during the period immediately prior to either pregnancy. In both cases we were consciously seeking to have children and my wife was extremely cautious about what substances she consumed. In fact, she consumed no alcohol at all, nor even caffeine (though she likes Diet Coke). In fact Conor's mom took no pain killers of any kind even Aspirin, Anacin etc. during the two pregnancies or the periods preceding them.

Alcohol causes autism? Wellllllll ..... , who knows, but not in the case of Conor Doherty


Fitaloon said...

The story is actually from the newspaper the Scotland on Sunday and is headlined “Expert links autism to mothers drinking”
But when you read the story you begin to realise that the headline is completely false and the expert has done nothing of the sort. It is the hack journalist and their editor that have linked alcohol and autism as I have discussed here.

Unknown said...

We should take action against of these kind of activities. Because parents are used Alhocol before their children it affects them mentally. They watch their parents closely. In the future they also used the Alcohol. We should stop this.