Monday, November 05, 2007

Autism Every Day At The Nantucket Film Festival

'Autism Every Day' was scheduled to play this past week at the Nantucket Film Festival. The film has been a key element in the efforts by Autism Speaks and Bob and Suzanne Wright to raise autism awareness, real autism awareness, around the globe. The film generated much hostility from those who wish to portray autism as simply a natural variation, a subgroup of people with different ways, perhaps even superior ways of thinking. For daring to portray the real challenges of their autistic children's neurological disorders the parents of Autism Every day were vilified by the Neurodiversity movement on the internet.

Autism Every Day, and the courageous parents who participated in the filming, helped shatter the propaganda of the 'Autism is Beautiful' movement, the nonsense perpetrated by the Neurodiversity ideologists, those who make a career of pretending to be the voices of autistic people and those who like to hold 'acceptance projects'. For the Neurodiversity movement 'Autism Every Day' could not stand without challenge. And so they lashed out at the loving parents who appeared in the video.

Autism Every Day presented autism as it really is - a neuro-biological developmental disorder characterized by impaired communication, deficits in social interaction, and in some cases dangerous behavior. As the father of a profoundly autistic boy; a father who loves his son dearly and takes joy in each moment with him, while dealing with the hard realities of his autism, I thank the Autism Every Day parents for their courage and candor.

I hope they and their children are doing well.

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