Friday, November 02, 2007

Autism Hate Talk On The Internet

Autism discussions generate much controversy on the internet. Some of it is inherent in the intense issues confronting people with a variety of similar, yet very different disorders. Some of the controversy degenerates into pure expressions of hatred as set out in the attached post by someone called talheres.

This type of hate commentary and cheap insult is found all too often amongst some ideologically based movements on the internet. The internet offers much in the way of valuable information and an opportunity for rational discussion of difficult issues. Unfortunately it also allows cowardly bigots like this talheres to spew venom to a world wide audience. With all the good the internet brings in the way of enhanced communication, it also brings the occasional blight.

I suppose it is fitting that this person uses a posting symbol of a pussy cat with a rifle.

And speaking of psychiatry-
2007-11-02 01:08 am UTC (link)
This is yet another example of why I hate autism 'advocates'

The complete disregard for the facts of what went on and goes on in that institution disgusts me, but it's not like I can expect much from people who take issue against those who speak out against the mercury militia.

So now I'm that tempted to visit that thing tomorrow, thanks to dipshits like this.


Unknown said...

talheres commented on the site of the original hate comment :

"Now this is amusing-
2007-11-03 12:02 am UTC (link)

Aside from the fact that I'm not affiliated with any group at the moment, I find it ironic that a man who never said one word (at least from what I recall) about the hate and threat campaigns from people like John Best Jr (considering what he did that made the Left Brain/Right Brain blog shut down) is accusing me of hate talk. One could almost wonder if he and Doherty may in fact be affiliated with each other in some way, since I've noticed I've Best's comments in his blog, with not a single one from the maintainer bringing up an ethical issue regarding his behavior in site."

Talheres did not do any home work before posting that comment. I moderate this site and have refused to publish a previous comment by Mr Best which, in my opinion, demeaned a prominent Neurodiversity icon, and anti-ABA crusader.

As for "accusing" talheres of hate talk. It might be because of expressions like "... I hate autism "advocates" and describing me, or anyone, with abusive terms like "dipshit".

John Best said...

You've refused to publish several comments I've made about an anti-ABA crusader. We also disagree about mercury.
I believe we have similar opinions about Neuroinsanity though. That doesn't make us affiliates. It just includes us with all sane people who have the same opinion of Neuroinsanity.