Sunday, May 13, 2007

Autism, Vaccines & the Spread of Mumps - Eastern Canada

The belief that some vaccines, or mercury based vaccine preservatives, cause or contribute to today's increasing autism rates, now estimated at 1 in 150, persists despite an almost total lack of support in the scientific community for any causal connection. The fear generated by that belief is itself believed to have contributed to higher rates of vaccine refusals with resulting increases in diseases such as measles and mumps. In Atlantic Canada we are currently suffering an outbreak of mumps, with the particular strain of mumps having orginated in the UK where immunization rates dropped from fear that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine caused autism.


Mumps outbreak spread


May 11, 2007

Nova Scotia's mumps outbreak has spread to Ontario, infecting five people so far and putting public-health officials in the province on alert for even more cases in the weeks to come.

The latest outbreak indicates that many who were vaccinated years ago are now susceptible to catching the disease. Public-health officials are now debating whether they need to administer a booster shot.

Ontario's Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care confirmed yesterday that the cases, two of which are in Toronto, are linked to the outbreak in Nova Scotia, where more than 200 people have been infected by the disease. The outbreak, which began in late February, has also infected 34 people in New Brunswick and one in Prince Edward Island.


Neil Rau, an infectious disease specialist at Halton Healthcare Services in Ontario, said the current strain of mumps originated in Britain, where there was a large outbreak in 2004. Immunization rates had drop significantly in Britain because many people believed the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine caused autism. The vaccine-autism link has since been disproved, he noted.

The disease reached Iowa last year, and Dr. Rau said it has now found its way into Canada.

"It's global travel compounded with vaccine refusal," he said.


Maya M said...

The attempts to reduce autism by refusing immunizations can, ironically, create more cases of autism because will lead to susceptible women contracting the natural infection during pregnancy; and while there is no solid evidence that attenuated viruses in vaccines can cause autism in already born children, there is solid evidence that the "wild" strains of some viruses (particularly rubella) can cause autism in some infected fetuses. So, anti-vaxxers actually do what no neurodiversity diehard would approve - to cause, by a severe and preventable environmental insult, autistic development of fetuses genetically programmed to be non-autistic.

Fiction + Dreams = Join Me! said...

With the rise of vaccine injured children the "non-vaxxers" are trying to protect their children. They aren't doing it to change your mind, they aren't even doing it to change the world. They see how many children are injured yearly by vaccines, and the numbers are rising. Just in 2006, there were more than 17,000 reports of vaccine reactions to the VAERS system. And those are the reports that you hear about, there are thousands more children whose parents and doctors never even recognize the damage done by a vaccine, or who (like me) have a child with a vaccine injury who didn't even know the reporting system existed.

If you choose to keep on vaccinating your children with toxins, mercury (yep, it's still in at least three vaccines) aborted fetuses, and viruses of unknown origins, such as the simian virus SV40 which was in our polio vaccine for 40-years (THE VIRUS AND THE VACCINE) then by all means, keep on doing so.

Thankfully, I can choose NOT to further injure my own children --- and that doesn't make me a crazy non-vaxxer, it makes me a mother.