Friday, May 11, 2007

"Open Every Door" - An Autism Song by Nimal Mendis

Sri Lanka-born superstar, Nimal Mendis recently released 'Open Every Door,' a song for autism. Mendis has created history by being the first South Asian singer/songwriter to compose a song on autism. He hopes that the song will create even more awareness about the condition.Mendis has backed the work of the Autism Awareness Campaign UK. A copy of 'Open Every Door' was presented to Prime Minister Tony Blair in the House of Commons. Leading British parliamentarian, Lee Scott MP for Ilford North who is championing the cause of autism in Westminster was also presented with a copy of 'Open Every Nimal Mendis Song For Autism 'Open Every Door'

Mendis has urged parliamentarians of all parties to do more for people with autism and Asperger's Syndrome in the United Kingdom. There are 587,900 people with autism in the UK. In London alone there are 15,000 people with autism from minority ethnic communities - including the Sri Lankan Community.According to UK researchers 1 in 100 children may haveautism spectrum disorder. In Sri Lanka they say there are 39,000 children with autism who have virtually no access to education, health, specialist speech therapy and respite care.

Nimal Mendis is an award winning singer songwriter. In the 1960s he released 22 pop songs on the Decca label in London. He appeared on BBC TV's 'Top of the Pops' television programme with Sandra Edema singing his hit, 'Feel like a Clown.' One of his compositions reached Number One in the Radio Luxembourg Charts in the height of the 1960s. Mendis has also produced television documentaries for Channel 4 and BBC Television covering a range of issues including human rights and poverty.

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