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Autism in Canada - MP's Fail Autistic Children

Published Tuesday May 1st, 2007
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MPs fail autistic children

Ottawa does occasionally take action... just not for our autistic children.

It has been over five months since the House of Commons passed a motion (by a vote of 231-45) calling on the Government of Canada to create a National Autism Strategy. M-172 from Andy Scott, Liberal M.P. for Fredericton requires the federal government to work in co-operation with the provinces and territories to establish national standards for treatment and delivery of services, study funding arrangements, create a national surveillance program, and provide more funding for health research on autism. Andy Scott along with Peter Stoffer, NDP M.P. for Sackville-Eastern Shore have both blasted the federal government for not providing funding in the 2007 budget to help families with autistic children.

It has also been over a month now that the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology has released its report on the funding for the treatment of autism: "Pay now or pay later: autism families in crises." Senator Art Eggleton will move that the Senate request a complete and detailed response from the government, with the ministers of National Revenue, Intergovernmental Affairs, Health and Finance being identified as ministers responsible for responding to the report.

With the proper support structures in place now, autistic children will have the greatest chance to reach full potential.

The cost to society for inaction will be enormous.



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Unknown said...

I think that before Parliment passes any bill regarding Austism or any so called disbility. The pros and cons of the possible outcomes need to exmained.As a person with. Autsism is very diverse and there is not a single treatment that is 100% effective for everybody. What works if someone with Asberger's may not be effective for some with PDD. As a person with Autism I am also concerned that if treatments go too far we will lose the individuality that exists within people with autism In words of Dr. Temple Gradin "Einstein , Mozart, Carl Seagan would all be probably diagnosed with Autism today and if we got rid of the genes that make up Autism we lose out on very instesting people"