Sunday, April 24, 2011

Liberal and NDP Autism Advocates in Election 2011

Glenn Thibeault            Peter Stoffer           Ruby Dhalla           Brian Murphy

Although our federal government has done very little to help autistic Canadians receive effective evidence based early behavioural intervention, autism specific education and accommodation or decent residential care for autistic adults it is not for lack of trying by several members of parliament who are running again in Election 2011.   Peter Stoffer,  a Nova Scotia (Sackville-Eastern Shore) NDP candidate,  has been involved in national autism advocacy for many years and co-sponsored, with former Fredericton MP Andy Scott, a motion seeking to implement a national autism strategy.  Glenn Thibeault an NDP candidate from Sudbury Ontario also brought a private members motion in support of autism.  During debates in the House of Commons  both New Brunswick (Moncton)  Liberal candidate Brian Murphy and Ontario (Brampton-Springdale) Liberal candidate Ruby Dhalla gave strong speeches on behalf of autistic Canadians. 

This autism dad and advocate hopes that all of these strong autism advocates are re-elected on May 2. 

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